Jeff Goin Bio

More than anything else I want to be a critical thinker, one who is willing to change my mind when sufficient sound evidence is brought to bear.


Flying has been a driving passion since age 13. You can see my exploits at

Critical Thinking

It probably comes from my mother whose BS detector was active a lot. It wasn't ever overt in that she never dissected my questionable conclusions, she would just say "I find it hard to believe..." If I could produce good evidence then she would be understanding.

It wasn't really until 2009 that I fully embraced this rational way of viewing the world. And oh boy did that open up an exciting worldview! One where you could question everything and be free to adopt the most reliable ways of knowing. There are many advantages to this as listed elsehwere.

More than anything it made me realize that we must build confidence in knowledge, that we shouldn't assume something is true just because we've been told it is, and that the most confidence resides in knowledge that has been well vetted by scientific means.


After getting into flying powered paragliders I discovered that the available information was woefully lacking and, in some very important regards, wrong. Seeing people die from what seemed like preventable causes made me realize how important it was to encourage practices, policies and education based on reality. I wasn't into critical thinking, per se, but this prompted me get into education and try to improve the sport. That's why I got into producing educational material. Airhead Creations was born.