Parking at Flanders

When you turn off of Rt 33 this is the sign on the right side of the gate.

Great that you’re coming our way. These instructions will help since GPS may not do such a good job. Plus there’s a gate.

GPS will get you to the entrance, well enough, but these tips may help with the last half mile.

If you’ve come from I-4, you’ll be northbound on 33. You’ll be tempted to turn early. There’s a sucker sign trying to lure you in. Drive *PAST* it. Yes, drive PAST “Flanders Station” about a quarter mile. And if you get to what you think is the right place, and the code doesn’t work, look to see if you’ve accidentally turned onto Flanders Station—they have a tractor beam that pulls people in.

Make sure you see the sign pictured above. That is the right entrance.

You want “Flanders FIELD”

Turning on to Conley Drive will reveal a keypad before the gate, enter 2331 (just the numbers).

Little invisible people will push the gate open while disguising their presence with motor and chain noises. It’s very effective, nobody ever talks about them.

Follow the main road around some curves as shown below. In any curve, take the right fork.

Caution: Conley Drive is one car wide! More than about 15 mph in the curvy part may not provide enough room. TCAS is disabled here.

Head-on encounters are best solved by each one going enough in the grass to pass. Duels are not recommended since they take longer.

Park on the north side of the driveway loop. It’s ok to have 2 wheels in the grass there so others can get around. Keep our neighbor’s yard and driveway clear so they can get in an out freely and not hit their sprinkler heads at the edge.

Thanks for sharing part of your day!