Musings of an Optimistic Earthling

Yours truly at the helm of “Bubba,” a Beechcraft Bonanza. Photo by Ray Khan

For whatever reason I’m interested in what happens on Earth.

Yes, the planet will prosper long after we’re gone (then fry in a sun-gorged heat death), but life is soooo cool! And intelligent life even more so–I’d love to see it thrive. There are opportunities to make a difference and I’d love to so, with a positive, if tiny, ripple in this turbulent ocean.

The country seems weirdly torn asunder with a strange disregard for reliable knowledge. It’s such knowledge that gets us out of many quandaries and helps us make useful policies. Why is it being degraded?

We’re here for such fleeting moments of geologic time that it could be depressing. But when we work together and allow people to better themselves, all kinds of goodness follows. For example, we humans can uniquely change our environment. For the better or worse. We’ve all enjoyed the immense improvement in air pollution from rules made in the 70’s. This ability confers immense survival ability. Maybe not for all x billion of us, but for enough of us to continue.

I’m may be the squeaky wheel but usually only when I have some grease, and an idea on where to put it. Let’s see how we can make the world a better place. That starts with seeking reliable knowledge.