Flat Earth Belief


In spite of easily replicated evidence, there are people who still believe the earth is flat. Given how I marvel at how this could be true, I found this National Geographic video helps understand it.

Go here to see my suggestion to a flat-earth believer on how to test it for himself with me.

Mostly its an internet phenomenon driven by cult-like leaders who fancy themselves as “leaders of a movement.” Of course they claim that we science-minded types are in some kind of grand illusion foisted on us by an invisible overlord. Watch the video below to see how deep the weird goes.

What’s so interesting is how people can be so easily deluded. This should serve as a powerful warning because, the more we as society get away from using known tools to gain reliable knowledge, the less often we’ll get to the right answer. We’ve seen that in the military when they bought scanners based essentially on dowsing.

Go here to see how I’m sad that I can’t discuss space with them intelligently.

Ignorance has consequences.

The video below makes it clear: these folks are immune to even easy, obvious science demonstrations, done right in front of them, that show how we can know the world in a sphere. OrĀ  show how to make measurements with their own telescopes that show it. They will not do these easy experiments because flat earth belief is more like religion than about understanding how the world works.

To see this in gory detail, skip to 8:30 in the video below.

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