Have you ever noticed that unhappiness from a sad event fades? We then tend to go back to our average, or baseline level of life satisfaction. This emotional falloff is fortunate. It’s why the saying “time is the best healer” is pretty sage advice.

Emotional Falloff

Probably the best example of this is when a loved one dies.

Each person and connection is different. Its depth and characteristics are different. How I handle a spouse’s death may be completely different than someone else. It hinges on my makeup, on who the spouse was, what the circumstance was, what was going on in my life at the time, and probably a half-dozen other unthought of variables.

But regardless of all those variables, distress decreases with timea–a beneficial feature of our psyche. If we remained emotionally distraught it would be a lot harder to carry on with life, to find a new mate, or do many other things.


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