Why Care?


So why does this whole bit about knowledge matter?

Good question.

Primarily, it’s because knowledge has consequences. If you think that Albinos have special powers and are inately evil then you may be OK with killing them and mixing their bones into a special sauce. That’s happened. Search “Persecution of people with albinism” and marvel at what humans are capable of doing when they believe something. The Nazis are another classic example. At least the leadership really believed they were making a master race of people who would lead to a better life.

All manner of persecutions have treaded on some out-group of people due to poor knowledge. That’s not always the case, of course, sometimes travesty rides on the the horse of greed, feelings of superiority, or whatever.

We can all be wrong about many things, not all so life changing as genocide, but always do better when starting from a position of reliable knowledge, and that we are ourselves among the easiest ones to fool. Scientists are no exception. We must always be on their best guard.

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