The Great Tim


I’m lucky to have a human that I truly enjoy spending time with, and I’m hoping for many more years.

He is the Great Tim.

Many aspects of Timness are difficult to explain, but one of the most impressive is thoughtfulness. He does all these little things that I don’t even think of let alone act on. He does them for other people, too, not just me. Maybe it’s that I’m a heel, I don’t know. Tim will, for example, think to make sure there are TWO towels hanging in the bathroom for guests. I would just tell them where the towels live, and might even forget to do that until they ask. So no, I’m not a great host. Tim is, though.

We’re especially lucky that we share an approach to life; an understanding of human frailty in mind and matter. He works out a lot to stay in shape and we both engage in various pursuits that tax our thought machines. Nothing demanding, mind you, but enough to be stimulating.

As this is written our limbs all work and we share some of the same interests, including flying paramotors. He’s nowhere near as smitten as I but we do occasionally fly together which is fun. He was, and remains the only person who I taught paramotoring to and gave a rating. He earned that damn PPG 3 rating fair and square, too. I put cones out for the landing circle and he had to do 3 of the last four first touchdowns in that 15 foot radius circle. He still does a great job flying but I wouldn’t want him to count on that spot landing. Hey, if I only flew once every few months I wouldn’t either!

What Tim is Doing

Among the many things Tim does for fun, he is also running our business, which is good since I’m not so great at juggling all those balls. I’ll write, I’ll illustrate, but it’s nice that he does shipping and customer service. Go Tim.


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