Memorial Day: Remembering the Fallen

Opinion Politics

It’s sobering to realize how much we owe to those who gave so much. Freedom isn’t free. Regardless of politics, these kids and parents knew what they were signing up for.

There are forces that would like to subdue freedoms, to have us live under Sharia Law, or other religious law or be subject to a king, or to an autocratic ruler who would dictate our lives, or control what we see on our screens, and on and on. We’re lucky to have a society that reveres freedom, and I’m one who is incredibly thankful, especially for those who stepped up to a dangerous plate.

Let’s remember their sacrifice. And work to make it worthwhile. To maintain this grand experiment of self-government and guard against the natural tendencies for tyrants to subsume power, remembering these men and women who fought to protect individual rights, our way of life, and the privileges of being a U.S. Citizen. Of course, the country isn’t perfect, but people are trying to get in a lot more than they’re trying to get out. That’s telling.

As a lover of flight, this video hit home.

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